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conditions of wear. In order to preserve original sound, remastering has been kept to a "clean-up" minimum.
Skips and bad wear in rare cases are inevitable due to scarcity of better product. No CD-R is guaranteed to play
in all types of CD players.
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Songs by the Blind Boys of Ala. and Miss., Soul  Stirrers,
Gospelaires, Dixie Hummingbirds and others from first 100
Pewburner CDs

500        Bells of Joy (1951-1955)
All the hits & classics from this Texas quartet

501        Christland Singers with Rebert H. Harris (1951-1961)
Chicago gospel with ex-Soul Stirrer alum

502        Cross-Jordan Singers with James Milligan (1959-1967)
Hard-singing New York quartet

503        Drinkard Singers, Vol. 1 (1954-1958)
Roots of the Sweet Inspirations - with Judy Clay

504        Drinkard Singers, Vol. 2 (1961-1971)
More New York gospel with Cissy Houston's family

505        Echoes of Zion (1949-1950)
Great jubilee quartet from Atlanta, Ga.

506        Famous Blue Jay Singers (1947-1951)
Classic jubilee sides by this Birmingham, Ala. group

507        Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Vol. 1 (1948-1951)
Early sessions lead by Paul Exkano and Clarence Fountain

508        Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Vol. 2 (1959-1961)
Great hollering gospel lead by Rev. Samuel Lewis & C. Fountain

509        Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, Vol. 1 (1947-1952)
Oakland, Newark and early Houston sessions

510        Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, Vol. 2 (1951-1959)
Finest shout gospel from Houston sessions

511        Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, Vol. 3 (1956-1959)
Archie Brownlee's prime Chicago sessions

512        Five Trumpets of Atlanta (1949-1954)
Great jubilee etc. lead by L.H. Anderson and Preston York

513        Gate City Singers (1955-1962)
One of Philly's finest aggregations

514        Gospelaires, Vol. 1 (1957-1961)
Dayton, Ohio's most powerful quartet

515        Gospelaires, Vol. 2 (1962-1968)
Exciting quartet lead by Paul Arnold and R. Washington

516        Gospel Clefs of New Jersey (1957-1962)
All the great sides lead by Leon Lumpkins and Rev. Huston

517        Gospel Consolators (1955-1962)
Oakland, Pasadena and Houston sessions lead by Chas Johnson

518        Gospel Songbirds of Chicago (1955-1966)
Great sessions lead by James Phelps, Rev. Dowdy & Otis Clay

519        Harmonizing Four, Vol. 1 (1943-1951)
First sides by this well-respected, smooth-sounding quartet

520        Harmonizing Four, Vol. 2 (1951-1955)
Beautiful, close harmonies from this now retired group from Richmond, Va.

521        Kelly Brothers of Chicago (1957-1969)
Soul gospel leads by T.C. Lee and Offie Reece

522        Bishop Kelsey - Transcriptions (1965-1966)
Swinging sermons from the Temple C.O.G.I.C., Washington, D.C.

523        Little Axe Collection (1945-1965)
Golden Echoes, Spirit of Memphis, Southern Gospel Singers sides

524        Mighty Skylights (1949-61) / Stars of Harmony (1948-49)
Two premier jubilee quartets

525        Bro. Cecil Shaw (1952) / Traveling 4 (1951-53)
Hot shouting and jubilee singing

526        Silvertone Jubilee Singers (1947-1953)
Great Cincinnati jubilee group

527        Skylarks of Nashville, Vol. 1 (1951-1954)
Fairfield Four spin-off group in jubilee style

528        Skylarks of Nashville, Vol. 2 (1955-57)
Great Skylarks sides lead by Robert Broussard and "Dickie" Freeman
plus The Colemanaires & Nightengale Jubalaires

529        Soul Stirrers of Chicago, Vol. 1 (1936-1947)
Indispensable Library of Congress and early Chicago sessions

530        Soul Stirrers of Chicago, Vol. 2 (1947-1948)
Legendary sides lead by Rebert H. Harris

531        Spirit of Memphis, Vol 1 (1949-1952)
Strong sides lead by Jet Bledsoe and Silas Steele

532        Spirit of Memphis, Vol. 2 (1952) / Swan Silvertones (1950-1951)
Classic Swans sides lead by Claude Jeter and Percell Perkins

533        Staple Singers, Vol. 1 (1953-1959)
Includes rare early sessions with Evelyn Gay on piano

534        Staple Singers, Vol. 2 (1959-1964)
All the classics lead by Roebuck and Mavis

535        Sunset Travelers of Memphis (1953-1965)
All the O.V. Wright sides plus tough stuff from Rev. Jeff Brown

536        Swan Silvertones of North Carolina, Vol. 1 (1946-1950)
First Cincinnati recordings with Claude Jeter and Solomon Womack

537        Swanee Quintet of Georgia, Vol. 1 (1951-1956)
Prime sides lead by Ruben Willingham and Little Johnny Jones

538        Swanee Quintet of Georgia, Vol. 2 (1957-1965)
Great harmonies and remarkable high tenor singing

539        Zion Travelers of Los Angeles (1948-1958)
Stunning quartet lead by Bartha Watkins and L.C. Cohen

540        Andex Gospel (1957-1958)
Gospel Harmonettes /Pilgrim Travelers /Blind Boys of Alabama

541        Chess Gospel (1951-1957)
Elder C. Beck / Southern Stars / Rev. Ballinger, etc.

542        Duke Gospel (1953-1956)
Sunset Travelers / Clara Ward / Southern Tones, etc.

543        Republic / Tennessee Gospel (1952-53)
Mdm Edna Gallmon Cooke, Lucille Barbee, etc.

544        Great Preachers, Vol. 1 (1947-1955)
Rev. Killens, Rev. Rimson, etc.

545        Great Preachers, Vol. 2 (1945-1972)
Rev. C.L. Franklin, Rev. Robert Crenshaw, etc.

546        Brewsteraires (1951-72) / Southern Wonders (1952-55)
Memphis quartets lead by Solomon Ouston and Ernest McKinney

547        Gospel Keys (1964-68) / Nellie Lynn (1946-49)
Keys family meets The Southern Sons / Sons of Harmony

548        Four Quartets (1945-1967)
Heavenly Lights / Ind. Gospel Singers / Royal Travelers / S. Crusaders

549        Three Quartets (1958-1964)
Chariot Gospel Singers / Evan. Soul Seekers / Gospel Commanders

550        Elder Charles Beck - Radio Shows (1956), Vol. 1
Previously unreleased material including groups, guests & soloists

551        Elder Charles Beck - Radio Shows (1956), Vol. 2
More previously unreleased materia, lincluding groups & testimonials

552        Dixie Hummingbirds, Vol. 1 (1952-1958)
All their singles releases in chronological order

553        Dixie Hummingbirds, Vol. 2 (1959-1966)
More fine gospel lead by Ira Tucker and James Walker

554        Sensational Nightingales, Vol. 1 (1952-1959)
All their singles releases in chronological order

555        Sensational Nightingales, Vol. 2 (1960-1970)
More scorchers lead by David Edrington and Charles Johnson

556        Rev. A. Swanson (1960) / Rev. "Gatemouth" Moore (1951-1960)
Strong sermonizing and congregational singing

557        Rev. Robert Ballinger (1955-1965)
Tough singing, swinging piano and rhythm

558        Fairfield Four (1946-1951)
Singles in chronological plus previously un-rereleased items

559        The Meditations (1953-1968)
All their exciting 45s in chronological order

560        The Norfleet Brothers (1953-1969)
Beautiful, underrated Chicago quartet, rare material

561        Dixie Hummingbirds (1949-1951) / Angelics (1950-51)
Close quartet singing, some with both groups together

562        Sister Ernestine B. Washington (1954-1959)
Mahalia's idol; includes both her albums

563        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 1
1950s groups including 5 Blind Boys of Ohio and Charles Fold

564        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 2
Mostly 1950s groups including West Coast Jubilees and Dorothy Morrison

565        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 3
1950s groups including Clouds of Joy and Nappy Brown

566        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 4
1950s outfits including many fine obscurities

567        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 5
Rarities incl. Bay Area groups plus Evangelist Singers and Gospel Trumpets

568        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 6
More rarities incl. The Stars of Bethel with Little Johnny Taylor

569        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 7
1950s gems including early work by Willie Eason

570        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 8
More golden sounds: Selah Singers and Willing Four included

571        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 9
28 gems including Spartonaires and Jubilee Four

572        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 10
More unbeatables including Flowers of Joy and Alphabetical Four

573        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 11
Rare 1950s and 1960s sides by one-record-only artists

574        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 12
Mighty 1950s collection incl. James Davis and Joe DeLoatch All Stars

575        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 13
Great collection incl. Rev. Percell Perkins and Rev. W.C. Trammell

576        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 14
Fourteen fabulous groups from across the nation

577        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 15
Golden greats from Alpha Omega Singers, Golden Harps and others

578        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 16
Seven great groups incl. N.O. Humming Four and National Independents

579        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 17
Dynamic selection incl. Prof. Johnson and Sister Winn

580        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 18
Great gospel -- Rev. R.A. Daniels, Sis. Elizabeth Phillips and others

581        Gospel Quartet Collection,Vol. 19
Powerful cuts from Christian Travelers, Friendly Bros. and others

582        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 20
Seven sensational sets of sacred singing soldiers

583        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 21
Indispensable collection: 7 Melody Men and Southern Echoes, etc.

584        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 22
Rare collectors' items by Wilson & Watson Singers, Wingmans etc.

585        Three Gospel Quartets, Vol. 2
More Gospel Clefs and Gospel Songbirds plus Gospel Twins

586        Dr. Morgan Babb (1957-1969) / Brooklyn All Stars (1958-1960)
Babb and Hardie Clifton at their very best

587        Bells of Zion (1964-1968) / Christian Harmonizers (1965-1969)
Best of two of the last great quartets

588        Rev. Julius Cheeks (1961-1969) / Dixie Nightingales (1958-1962)
Best Gospel Knights and Ollie Hoskins sides

589        Chosen Gospel Singers (1955-1963) / Cotton Brothers (1964-1969)
Great underrated quartet plus Lou Rawls at his best

590        Golden Keys (1955-1961) / Jackson Gospel Singers (1949-1953)
Dynamic Rev. H.B. Crum meets a legendary female aggregation

591        Flying Clouds of Detroit (1946-1957) / Golden Echoes (1948-1949)
Strong jubilee quartet and the powers of Little Axe

592        Golden Trumpets (1955-1964) / Joiners 5 Trumpets (1952-1955)
Two fine, almost forgotten quartets

593        Golden West Singers (1954-1960) / Sons of Glory (1962-1964)
Robert Hartfield battles it out with Sanders Cooper

594        Gospel Harmonettes (1949) / Hardeman Singers (1963-1966)
Pre-Dorothy Love-Coates gems plus hard singing from Texas

595        Juanita Hall (1942-43) / Melody Echoes (1952) / Starlights (1951-52)
Long lost diva and some terrific jubilee singing

596        Jordan Rivers (1946) / Reliables (1946-47) / Swanee Rivers (1945-51)
Three great jubilee squads

597        Canaanites (1949-64) / Meadowlarks (1966-68) / Bertha Robinson (1963-69)
Joe Van Loan, Thomas Bradley and Rev. Cleophus Robinson's mother

598        Golden Eagles (1951-52) / Golden Tones (1952-66) / Rev. C.L. Moore (1952-66)
/ Royal  Chanters (1946)
Interesting collection of jubilee and shout gospel

599        Gospel 5 (1951-62) / Gospel Solotones (1962-63) / Nat. Independents (1950-64)
More fabulous jubilee and shout gospel

600        Gospelaires (1950-51) / Harmoneers (1946) / Sons of Jehova (1957-1960)
Early James Cleveland, Jubilee singing and Memphis quartet

601        Humming Bees (1950-52) / K.C. Soul Revivers (1956) / Sacred 4 (1949) /
Spiritualaires (1956-57) - Mixture of excellent shout and jubilee singing

602        T. Ellison & The 5 Singing Stars (1960-1970)
The golden years of this premier quartet

603        Smith Jubilee Singers (1947-1950)
The tightest jubilee quartet out of Los Angeles

604        Spirit of Memphis Quartet, Vol. 3 (1949-1959)
Great singing with "Jet" Bledsoe and Elijah Morrison, leads

605        Spirit of Memphis Quartet, Vol. 4 (1959-1968)
More great singing with "Jet" Bledsoe and Elijah Morrison, leads

606        Lost Souls, Vol. 1
Unissued Post-War sides and rare transcriptions

607        Lost Souls, Vol. 2
More rare Post-War unissued sides and transcriptions

608        Sister Lucile Barbee (1953-67) / Rev. B.C. Campbell (1948-49)
Nashville songstress and deejay meets N.Y. revivalist

609        Blair Gospel Singers (1952-55) / Six Trumpets (1961-68)
Two fine Nashville quartets plus Maggie Ingram

610        Camp Meeting Choir (1946-1948) / Trinity Baptist C.C. (1953-1954)
Great L.A. Choirs / Quintette

611        Drexall Singers (1965-1969) / National Clouds of Joy (1948-1965)
Tuff New York female group meets fine trad. quartet

612        (DISCONTINUED) Evangelist Singers (1946-1949) / Evening Stars (1949-1955)
/ Kingdom Bound Singers (1958-1966) - Three prominent male quartets

613        Evening Lights (1950) / Supreme Angels (1957-1970)
Bishop Passon's outfit plus Howard Hunt's currently active quartet

614        Five Sons of Strangers (1950) / Heavenly Gates (1953-1961)
Fabulous Alabama quartet plus a leading Baltimore outfit

615        Gospel Clouds of Joy (1962-1965)
Great shout group from Columbus, Ohio

616        Gospel Keynotes (1964-68) / Kindly Shepherds (1955-1967)
Late Willie Neal Johnson's group and excellent Mid-Western quartet

617        Gospel Trumpeters (1946) / Sister Jessie Mae Renfro (1945-1965)
Willie Eason's group and one of the great gospel divas of all time

618        Jackson Southernaires (1964-1969) / St. Peter's Gospel Singers (1952-1953)
Mississippi's still active leading quartet plus a top-notch N.Y. group

619        Mighty Gospel Giants (1956-1969) / Soul Searchers (1965-1969)
One of N.Y.'s finest plus Troy Ramey's excellent outfit

620        Mighty Stars of Harmony (1965-1968) / Pilgrim Travelers (1946-1947) /
Silver Leaf Quartet (1947).
Lee Toussaint's group, Kylo Turner's first sides, and a quartet from Florida

621        Rising Star Gospel Singers (1945-1952)
Possibly the S.F. Bay Area's finest Post-War quartet

622        Royal Silvertones (1962) / Sons of Faith (1961-63) / Starlight Quintette (1965-1969)
N.Y. male aggregation, Isaac Adams' group plus Big Henry Johnson's group

623        Salem Travelers (1963-1964) / Silveraires (1949-1959)
Chester Feemster's excellent Chicago outfit plus Jo Jo Wallace's jubilee quartet

624        Sons of David (1950-1965)
Collection of fine groups all linked by their name

625        Spiritual Five (1949-1963)
The group who started Wilson Pickett (2 sides)

626        Spiritual Harmonizers (1951-1953) / Wandering Souls (1963-1967)
Fine Miami quartet meets Harold Williamson's group from North Carolina

627        Mahalia Jackson, Vol. 1 (1946)
Rare sides only ever commercially released in France

628        Mahalia Jackson, Vol. 2 (1946-1958)
More rare releases plus full, undubbed Newport Jazz Festival concert of 1958

629        Mighty Clouds of Joy, Vol. 1 (1958-1964)
Includes rare first sides cut in L.A.

630        Mighty Clouds of Joy, Vol. 2 (1965-1967)
Best and most important work from this "shout" group

631        Pilgrim Jubilee Singers (1953-1969)
Most important Houston sides by this Chicago quartet

632        Harmonizing Four (1957-1965)
Smooth harmonies. First important Chicago sides

633        Wings Over Jordan, Vol. 1
Includes rare Columbia sides not available anywhere else in re-issue

634        Wings Over Jordan, Vol. 2
Includes rare Dial and ABC recordings not available anywhere else in re-issiue

635        The Caravans, Vol. 1 (1958-1962)
Thunderous gospel, female quartet

636        The Caravans, Vol. 2 (1952-1967)
More fervor lead by Inez Andrews, Cassietta George & Shirley Caesar

637        The Caravans, Vol. 3 (1953-1965
prime Shirley Caesar

638        The Trumpeteers, Vol. 1 (1949-1968)
Great jubilee from both ends of their career

639        The Trumpeteers, Vol. 2 (1947-1963)
Their best-known early sides

640        The Trumpeteers, Vol. 3 (1948-1953)
More great a-cappella jubilee

641        The Ward Singers, Vol. 1 (1949-1950)
The Ward children / rarest sides

642        The Ward Singers, Vol. 2 (1950-1953)
Best and best-known sides

643        The Ward Singers, Vol. 3 (1953-1957)
Best of the Wards with Marion Williams

644        The Ward Singers, Vol. 4 (1958-1962)
Best of the second Ward Singers group

645        Atlantic Gospel (1949-1955)
Silver Leaf Quartet, Jackson Gospel Singers, Rosettes, and more...

646        Jubilee Gospel Classics, Vol. 1 (1945-1950)
Rev. W.M. Anderson, Rainbow Four, Deacon Foger, etc.

647        Jubilee Gospel Classics, Vol. 2 (1950-1965)
Macedonians, Prophet James, Seven Stars, etc.

648        Elete Jubilees/Royal Silvertones
plus C.O.G.I.C. Radio Choir and Rhodaires

649        Stars of Faith / Golden Crowns
Stars of Faith's first gospel album plus tough L.A. quartet

650        Sensational Six / Wandering Souls
plus Gospel Lords of Harmony, Corinthians and Bibletones

651        A-Cappella Choruses (1970s-1980s)
Beautiful choral singing from California and elsewhere

652        Mdm Edna Gallmon Cooke (1949-51) / Doris Akers (1954-64)
Cooke's first sides with choirs plus premier songwriter/diva

653        Inez Andrews (1963-73)
Barnstormers by this great ex-Caravan

654        Willa Dorsey (1961-1973)
Washington State's leading soloist/songwriter

655        Casietta George (1966-1979)
Amazing, muscular singing from this ex-Caravan

656        Gospel Chimes (1962-1967)
Cleveland's ex-backing group with both Dorothy Norwood and Jessy Dixon

657        Bessie Griffin (1947-1967)
Best and rarest sides by this great New Orleans soloist

658        Roscoe Robinson (1950-1964)
Most of his gospel sides from The Southern Sons to The Blind Boys of Ohio

659        Marie Knight (1946-1956)
Includes her rare and exciting later sides

660        The Violinaires (1953-1968)
All their best-remembered pew-burners

661        Dorothy Norwood (1963-1970)
A retrospective of most of her best-read parables

662        Norfleet Bros., Vol. 2 (the 1970s)
More amazing soul-jubilee singing from this grossly underrated quartet

663        Robert Patterson Singers (1952-1968)
All their most brilliant early performances

664        Rev. James Cleveland (1951-1977)
A retrospective of most of the early singers with whom he was involved

665        Harmonizing Four, Vol. 4 (1952-1972)
More soulful, close-knit quartet singing

666        Loving Sisters (1964-1976)
Little Rock's soul-gospel sensations

667        Swindell Bros. (1962-1964)
Rev. Wilkerson's hot quartet

668        Bill Moss & The Celestials (1962-1966)
Great family group, soulful wailing

669        Jimmy Jones (1952-1982) / Rev. Cleophus Robinson (1949-1966)
Top basser meets the world-famous singer from St. Louis

670        Davis Sisters (1956-1962)
All the great later sides excluded from CD reissue

671        Maceo Woods (1953-1961)
A retrospective of this minister's quartet, solo, organ and choral work

672        Gospel Harmonettes, Vol. 2 (1958-1962)
More fine, firey singing from the post-Specialty period

673        Prof. Chas Taylor Singers (1954-1964)
Jubilant mixed group with lots of spark

674        Imperial Gospel Singers, Vol. 1 (1958-1963)
Hot gospel in the Wards' vein

675        Stars of Faith (1958-1967)
Great sides from this Wards spin-off group

676        Jordanaires (1949-1951)
The original quartet before moving to Nashville -- fine stuff

677        Georgia Louis (1959-62) / Sister Josephine James (1964-69)
Great singing from Bridgeport's finest plus Rev. Cleophus Robinson's sister

678        Pilgrim Travelers (1955-1962)
More great later sides with Lou Rawls, etc.

679        Soul Stirrers, Vol. 3 (1950-1962)
Outtakes and rareties of premier quality

680        Charles Fold Singers (1975-1981)
Super-powerful choral group with dynamite soloists

681        Soul Stirrers, Vol. 4 (1961-1966)
Great Little Willie Rodgers lead material

682        Highway Q C's (1964-1968)
Great rare and mainly unreissued material

683        Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1958-1961)
Powerful later performances with great guitar

684        Banks Bros. (1963-1969) / Back Home Choir (1957-1962)
Two of New Jersey's finest acts

685        Raymond Rasberry Singers (1954-1966)
Cleveland's leading mixed quartet

686        Marion Williams (1958-1982)
Great gospel diva from Florida; mainly unreissued sides

687        Imperial Gospel Singers, Vol. 2 (1960-1966)
More from one of Philly's finest

688        Bro. Prince Dixon (1962-1972)
The "Small One's" finest early moments

689        Clara Ward Singers, Vol. 5 (1958-1963)
Finest, most impressive live sides

690        Clara Ward Singers, Vol. 6 (1950-1967)
Rare first sides plus more live, rocking, later material

691        Dixie Hummingbirds, Vol. 4 (1955-1970)
Great album cuts

692        Dixie Hummingbirds, Vol. 5 (1965-1969)
More great later, unreissued album tracks (3 repeats)

693        Sensational Nightingales, Vol. 3 (1964-1967)
Great unreissued album sides

694        Galileans (1963) / Gospel Emeralds (1964)
Fine quartet and a hot-singing mixed group

695        The Mighty Faith Increasers (1962) / Ladies of Song (1965)
Tough-singing male quartet and female outfit lead by Billy Preston's mother

696        Gospel Tones (1962) / Angelettes (1967)
Fine quartet and stunning mixed group

697        Gospel Redeeemers (1961-1967)
Clara Walker's premier group

698        Lathanettes (1969) / Rust College Quartet
Oakland's firey ladies plus a close a-cappella quartet

699        Victory Five (1958-1960) / Watson Sisters (1963)
Sacramento's finest meet Oakland's best female quintet

700        Original Calvary Singers (1969) / Trumpelettes (1971)
Outstanding male and predominantly female aggregations

701        Echoes of Zion (2) (1962) / Mighty Gospel Seven (early 1960s)
Two great shout quartets

702        Morning Star Gospel Singers (1963) / Melody Kings (1965)
Two more outstanding soul-lifting quartets

703        Soul Seekers (1959) / Stripes of Glory (1980)
Two more exciting soul-stirring quartets

704        Parker Bros. (1973) / Southern Six (1974)
Later recordings by two outstanding "shout" quartets

705        Bronner Bros. (1960-1966) / Sweet Singing Cava-Liers (1963-1983)
Beautiful, soulful quartet singing

706        Lunenberg Travelers (1965-73) / Herman Stevens Sgrs (1962-63)
"Swans"-sounding Travelers meet the "holy-rolling" Stevens Singers

707        Willie Banks & The Messengers (1970s and 1980s)
Gospel's most soulful soloist -- beautiful music

708        Kansas City Melody-Aires (1964-74) / Prof. Harold Boggs (1970-77)
Soulful gals meet Ohio's thunderbolt

709        Jackson Southernaires, Vol. 2 (1973-1976)
More beautiful, soulful harmonies from Mississippi

710        The Traveling Echoes (1960-1970)
Fine singing and often overlooked mixed quartet

711        The Consolers (1953-1980)
Incredible, live recordings and more

712        Shirley Caesar (1951-1967)
From her first recordings to her sermonizing work of the 1960s

713        Dewey Young (1960-1965) / Willie Cotton (1967)
A hard-singing ex-Nightingale meets an L.A. preacher

714        Choice Records (1960)
Whispering Spirits, Sunset Travelers and more

715        Roberta Martin Singers (1947-1955)
Beautiful, unmatched early recordings

716        Prof. Sykes (1950) / Gable-Aires (1963)
Unissued mixed-gender quartet plus a great "shout" group

717        Sallie & Cora Martin (1950-1952)
Rare, unissued gems from Sallie and her daughter's group

718        The Galatian Singers (1961-1968)
Tough, mixed gender group from Ohio

719        Sister Wynona Carr - Unreleased Sides (1949-1954)
Gems from demos and audition tapes

720        Southland Jubilee Singers - Langworth Transcriptions
Radio station demos of the Four Knights not on Heritage

721        Bro Joe May (1958-1969)
Sides not reissued on Nashboro double

722        Gay Sisters (1951-1996) / Jewel Gospel Trio (1955-1958)
Legendary Chicago trio meets Candi Staton & her sister

723        Brooklyn All-Stars (1964-1970)
Jimmy Outler plus the soaring pipes of Hardie Clifton

724        Soul Searchers (1949-1982)
Hard gospel from Troy Ramey & his sanctified group

725        Albertina Walker & The Caravans (1953-1968)
Pew-scorchers lead by Tina & the girls

726        Maggie Ingram (1961-1967)
Includes many sides never before reissued

727        Gene Martin (1958-1973)
Miracle Valley's fire-brand with supporting groups & choirs

728        Rev. Ernest Franklin (1967-1983)
Soulful singing supported by nice choral work

729        Rev. C.L. Franklin (1950-1956)
Vocal tracks by Franklin plus those of members of his church

730        Sister Lucille Pope & The Pearly Gates
Fine, mixed group in the traditional style

731        Celebrity Gospel, Vol. 1
Gospel offerings from Aretha Franklin, Big Maybelle, Martha Bass & others

732        Celebrity Gospel,Vol. 2
Renderings by Esther Phillips, Della Reese, Joe Simon & others

733        Celebrity Gospel, Vol. 3
Cleffings by Little Richard, Big Mama Thornton, Linda Hopkins & others

734        Mutonic Singers (1966) / Liz & The Gospelettes (1966)
Excellent a-cappella male group with a potent female one

735        Sally Jenkins Singers / Gospel Crusaders / Voices of Jordan
Three exciting groups to get the hands clapping

736        Spirit of Memphis (1968-1979) / Sunrising Kings (1963)
Last fine studio recordings of the SOM, plus an underrrated male quartet

737        The Gospel Chimes, Vol. 2 (1960-1965)
More firey stuff from James Cleveland, Dorothy Norwood & Imogene Greene

738        Thelma & Victoria Hawkins
Great gospel from this underrated mother & daughter duo

739        The Boyer Bros. (1952-1966)
Gospel's leading 1950s duet

740        The Brooklyn Skyways (1962-1965)
Fine quartet, good leads, great harmonies

741        The O'Neil Twins (1966-1980)
Good, strong, impassioned singing with choral backgrounds

742        Rare Concert Recital Gospel Music (1966-1980)
Classic gospel with Lucretia West, Tuskegee Choir, Fisk Jubilees & others

743        Roberta Martin Singers, Vol. 2 (1957-1961)
More joyous renderings from this premier female outfit

744        The Biblical Gospel Singers (1974-1966)
Fine gospel singing from Rev. Chas Simmons, Frances Simmons & others

745        Roberta Martin Singers, Vol. 3 (1960-1966)
A third dip into the Martin Singers' glorious repertoire

746        The Mattie Moss Clark Collection, Vol. 1 (1961-1964)
Fine traditional lead with choral church-wrecking choir

747        The Mattie Moss Clark Collection, Vol. 2 (1964-1969)
More excitement backed by The S.W. Michigan State Choir & others

748        The Jessy Dixon Collection, Vol. 1 (1964-1968)
Finest choral work of the 1960s, strong singing

749        The Jessy Dixon Collection, Vol. 2 (1968-1970)
More rousing choral work from Dixon & The Chicago Community Choir

750        The Argo Singers, Vol. 1
Tough-singing, Ward-like Chicago female outfit

751        New Orleans Gospel & Funeral Music
Brass gladness from both the Olympia & Tuxedo Bands plus quartets

752        Golden Harps of Chicago (1965) / Ever-Ready Gospel Singers (1950-1959)
Four-star females from Chicago plus a shout quartet from Shreveport

753        Davis Sisters (1967) / Stars of Faith (1960-1963)
Classic cuts from these two premier female aggregations

754        The Argo Gospel Singers, Vol. 2 (1961-1964)
Stratospheric gal warblers from Chicago

755        Guitar-driven Gospel Music
Rev. Louis Overstreet Snr., Ronnie Mozee, Southern Hummingbirds & more

756        Best of Songbird Records, Vol. 1
Rev. Oris Mays, Gospel Crusaders, Ollie Collins Jnr & many more

757        Best of Songbird Records, Vol. 2
Melody Kings, Capitol City Stars, Bivens Specials, Powerlites & more

758        Best of Songbird Records, Vol. 3
Elite Jewels, Sensational Williams Bros., National Gospel Twins & more

759        Best of Nashboro Records, Vol. 1
Rev. Cleophus Robinson, Gospel Classics, Taylor Bros. & many more

760        Best of Nashboro Records, Vol. 2
Harrison Johnson Choir, Johnny Jones, Sister Emma Tucker & more

761        Best of Nashboro Records, Vol. 3
Mdm Edna Gallmon Cooke, Dr. Morgan Babb, Voices of Nashville & more

762        Best of Nashboro Records, Vol. 4
Bright Stars, Holmes Sisters, Singing Sons, Trumpets of Joy & more

763        Best of Songbird Records, Vol. 4
Lane Relation Singers, Sons of the Birds, Gabelaires & more

764        Best of Nashboro, Vol. 5
Harmonizing Five, Silver Bells, Rev. Willingham, Taylor Bros. & more

765        Gospel from South Carolina
Rare & unissued sides by Gospel Stars, Ebonaires, Freeman Sisters, etc.

766        Coleman Bros. (1943-1948)
Essential early sides from this seminal New York quartet

767        Best of Jewel Records, Vol. 1
Clarence Fountain, Morning Echoes of Detroit, Albertina Walker & more

768        Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, Vol. 4 (1963-1965)
Essential Roscoe Robinson & Big Henry Johnson-led sides

769        Best of Jewel Records, Vol. 2
Willing Four, Rev. Ernest Franklin, Brooklyn All Stars & more

770        Motown Gospel
Extremely rare & unreleased sides by Liz Lands, Gospel Stars & others

771        Best of Jewel Records, Vol. 2
Violinaires, Rev. Willie Morganfield, Harmonizing Four & many more

772        Best of Jewel Records, Vol. 4
Soul Stirrers, Rev. Oris Mays, Harmonizing Four & many more

773        Best of Chess Records, Vol. 2
A sampling of prime sides by Kylo Turner, Silver Stars, Sammy Lewis & more

774        Best of Chess Records, Vol. 3
Prof. Alex Bradford, East St. Louis Gospelettes, Holy Wonders & more

775        Best of Chess Records, Vol. 4
Lucy Rodgers, Morning Stars of Savannah, Martha Bass & many more

776        Bells of Joy, Vol. 2 (1957-1967)
Rare later sides and no less important output

777        The Chambers Bros. (1959-1980)
Beautiful a-cappella and live performance gospel sides

778        Best of Hob Records, Vol. 1
Gospel Harmonettes, 5 Blind Boys of Alabama, Claude Jeter & more

779        Best of Hob Records, Vol. 2
Roscoe Robinson, Jesse Dixon, Shirley Caesar, Gospel Chimes & more

780        Best of Hob Records, Vol. 3
Rev. Douglas Fulton, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Swan Silvertones & more

781        Proverb / Gospel Corner Records, Vol. 1
Pilgrim Travelers, Sweet Singing Cavaliers, L.A. All Stars & more

782        Proverb / Gospel Corner Records, Vol. 2
Rev. Lonnie Farris, Ohio Wonders, Paul Foster Snr & much more

783        Best of Savoy Records, Vol. 1
Gospel Giants, Josephine James, Lawrence Roberts, Emily Bram & more

784        Best of Savoy Records, Vol. 2
Rev. Claude Jeter, Mary De Loach, Soul Stirrers, Roger Roberts & more

785        Best of Savoy Records, Vol. 3
Barrett Sisters, Robert Anderson, Angelic Gospel Choir, Selah Jubilees & more

786        Best of Savoy Records, Vol. 4
Highway Q C's, LaShun Pace, Charles Fold, Gospelaires & more

787        Best of Savoy Records, Vol. 5
Rev. Ernest Franklin, Dr. C.J. Johnson, Jewel Gospel Singers, Marie Knight & more

788        Best of Savoy Records, Vol. 6
Flying Clouds of Alabama, Lords of Harmony, Donald Vails & more

789        Best of Gospel Records of Newark, Vol. 1
Selah Singers, Delores Washington, Corinthian Gospel Singers & others

790        Best of Gospel Records of Newark, Vol. 2
Prof. Alex Bradford, Gospel Wonders, Corinthian Gospel Singers & more

791        Angelic Gospel Singers Retrospective (1949-1973)
Cross-section of great songs, most never before in reissue

792        Best of Regent & Sharp Records, Vol. 1
Bradford Singers, Gospel Emeralds, Spiritual Sons & other excitement

793        Best of Regent & Sharp Records, Vol. 2
North Philadelphia Juniors,Harmonizing Five, Mary De Loach & others

794        Best of Apollo Records, Vol. 1
Dixie Hummingbirds, Robert Anderson, Gospel Keys, Royal Sons plus more

795        Best of Apollo Records, Vol. 2
Southern Harmonaires, Golden Gate Quartet, Royal Sons & many treats

796        Best of Rae Cox Records
Brooklyn Skyways, Rosa Shaw, Sweet Brothers & other great sides

797        Best of Simpson Records
Florida-Robins, Crusaders, Gospel Stars, Elite Jewels--power-packed collection

798        Best of Fortune Gospel
National Harmonizers, Gospel Stars, Victory 5, Silver Harps & much more

799        Dootone Gospel
Rare group & solo singing sides from the Sims Bros., Zion Travelers and others

800        Peacock Records
Remaining un-reissued group sides etc. from this leading label, incl. Soul Seekers & Skylights

801        The Persuasions
A retrospective of gospel sides recorded between 1970 & 2003

802        Staple Singers, Vol. 3 (1962-1966)
Live & exciting sides plus un-rereleased studio material

803        Voices of Christ of Berkeley, Ca.
Helen Stephens tradition-based choir -- rocking music

804        Rare Gospel on Vee Jay Records
Hard-to-find 1950s soloists & groups from 78 and 45 RPM recordings

805        The Blackwood Brothers (1952-1965)
Prime material from three of the four-generational family groups

806        Henry Sims & The L.A. Angels / Willie Banks & The Messengers
More firey gospel & soul-tugging sides by these two great groups

807        A-Cappella Choruses, Vol. 2 -- 1980s-1990s
A second helping of beautiful, soulful choral music

808        The Best of Audio Gospel -- 1960s & 1970s
Inspirational Souls, Harold Bowen, Cassietta George & more

809        Clara Ward Singers (1961) / Gospel Versatiles (1967) / Golden Crowns (1964)
The world-renowned gals plus two hot quartets from the Southlands

810        Bullock Bros. (1972) / (Sweet Singing) Cavaliers (1977)
Two quartets with a tough and sweet, soft edge

811        Collectors Gospel Gold, Vol. 1
Top 1950s quartets including the Sunset Travelers, 5 Blind Boys of Miss. and others

812        Collectors Gospel Gold, Vol. 2 (1958-1968)
The hard-singing Cross Jordan Singers return

813        Collectors Gospel Gold, Vol. 3 (1947-1968)
The thrilling Singing Crusaders again -- more indispensible sides

814        Collectors Gospel Gold, Vol. 4 (1946-1953)
A second collection from the trail-blazing Fairfield Four

815        Sensational Nightingales (1949-1951) / Fairfield Four (1953-1959)
Gotta-have sides from these two significant quartets

816        Jamaican Gospel Music, Vol. 1
Fine, traditional-sounding small groups and soul soloists

817        The Paramount Gospel Singers (1948-1955) / Tiny Powell solos (1949)
The Bay Area's top 1950s quartet and gospel soloist

818        The Loftonaires Choir of Detroit
Beautiful choral singing in the Wings Over Jordan tradition

819        The Stars of Faith, Vol. 2 (1960-1983)
Exciting female aggregation in the style of the Ward Singers

820        The Gospel Winds (1968-1971)
One of the last of the traditional quartets -- great stuff

821        Pilgrim Jubilee Singers, Vol. 2 (1969-1973)
Later Houston sides from this long-surviving legendary bunch

822        Rev. Louis H. Narcisse (1950-1965) / Star Bethel Baptist Choir of Oakland
Oakland's finest preacher/singer plus one of the Bay Area's legendary choirs

823        Rev. Carl J. Anderson (1948-1972) / Sister Jeannie Ross (1948)
Oakland's leading minister plus the 9-year-old Jeannie Ross

824        Rare Gospel from the S.F. Bay Area (1940s-1950s)
Hard-to-find choirs, soloists and quartets from the Golden Era

825        The Salem Travelers, Vol. 2 (1965-1970)
One of the last of the great quartets -- hard singing and excitement

826        Ben Branch & The Operation Breadbasket Orchestra (1968-1970)
Jesse Jackson's choir with orchestra and featured soloists plus two by Cannonball Adderley

827        The Angelic Choir of Nutley, N.J. (1961-1965)
James Cleveland's legendary 1960s choir directed by Rev. Lawrence Roberts

828        Collectors Gospel Gold, Vol. 5 (1954-1973)
Caravans, Ward Singers, Chas Taylor Singers & The Emma Creamer Singers

829        Three San Francisco Bay Area Choirs (1973-1975)
Voices of Victory of S.F. / Bethany Baptist Choir of Oakland / Voices of Christ of Berkeley

830        Richburg Singers (1968) / Gems (1977)
Two sweet-singing groups, one male, one female

831        The Sacred and Secular Sides of Evelyn Freeman & Her Exciting Voices of L.A. (1958-59)
Great choral material with Evelyn's brother Ernie's band

832        The Duncanaires of Chicago (1965) / Swan Mellarks of Chicago (1975)
Two fine but sadly overlooked quartets

833         (Variety) Choraleers (1962-1963) / Andrew Rowe & The Crusaders (1966)
A beautiful choir pitched against a tough-singing mixed quartet

834        Gospel Dimension (1983) / Jackson Ward Singers (1962) / Wright Bros. (1978)
Three shades of gospel from three directions

835        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 23
The Swingin' Deacon, Sons of Dixie, Stovall Singers, and more

836        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 24
Powerlights, Sensational Souls, Mighty Mello Tones, and more

837        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 25
Gospel Lights, "Huddie" Ledbetter, Disciples, Jones Bros., etc.

838        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 26
Oakland Silvertones, Gospel Crusaders, Baltimore Echoes, etc.

839        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 27
Kings of Harmony, Gospel Writers, Essie Moss, Peerless Four, etc.

840        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 28
Soul Stirrers, Jones Brothers, Southern Jubilees, Peerless Four, etc.

841        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 29
Miami Soul Stirrers (Consolers), Harmony Kings, Golden Keys.

842        Quartet and Solo Vocal Collection
Bessemer Sunset Four, Sons of Calvary, Rosa Shaw, etc..

843        Rare Groups and Soloists Collection
Prof. J. Earl Hines, Royal Harmony Singers, Willie Mae Ford Smith, etc.

844        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 30
Spiritual Stars, Traveling Echoes, Gospel All Stars, etc.

845        Memphis Gospel Quartets, 1950-1968
Sons of Jehovah, Spirit of Memphis, Silvertones and Four Stars

846        The Helen Robinson Youth Choir (& Chorus) of Chicago, 1960-1965
Beautiful singing from lead soloist Jeanette Robinson

847        Mighty Clouds of Joy, Vol. 3 (1967-1970)
The Clouds at their very best

848        Christmas Gospel Collection
Swan Silvertones, Soul Stirrers, Salem Travelers, Stars of Faith, etc.

849        Prof. Alex Bradford & The Bradford Singers (1962-1966)
Bradford at his creative best

850        Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes (1968-1980)
Fiery live and studio recordings

851        Mae Gooch & The Gospel Stars of Detroit (1947-1963)
Rare Motown sides and earlier gems

852        Gospel Quartet Collection, Vol. 31
Rare Texas groups and more

853        Great Groups of the Sixties
Whispering Spirits, Barrett Sisters, Southerners, Zion Jubilees, etc.

854        A Gospel Miscellany
Selah Singers, Soul Seekers, Rev. Johnnie Beard, Robert Anderson & more

855        Willie Morganfield's Gospel Favorites (1959-1975)
Cleveland's leading minister of music

856        Marion Williams, Vol. 2 - With The Stars of Faith (1974-1975)
Marion's most impressive European sides

857        Starlighters of Baltimore (1962) / Fireside Gospel Singers of Nashville (1960)
One sweet, one hard-singing quartet

858        The Hugh Porter Gospel Singers of Harlem (1958-1964)
Music from "Jericho-Jim Crow" and "Tambourines to Glory" musical productions

859        Savettes (1962) / Prof. Harold Boggs (1971) / Rev. Brady L. Blade (1974)
Female quartet, an Ohio shouter plus live preaching and singing

860        Norris Turner & The Mt. Moriah Gospel Chorus
Fine gospel soloist from the Carolinas - The Golden Harmonaires

861        Clarence Fountain (1968-1975)
Great solo and choral-supported performances

862        Jasperettes (1960) / Invincible Songbirds (1962) / Sensational Wonders (1959) /
Melody Echoes (1950) & more -- Great gospel rareties and performances

863        Treasury of Gospel - Various Artists - Vol. 1
Sensational quartets like the Cavaliers, Pearly Gates and Abraham Brothers

864        Treasury of Gospel - Various Artists - Vol. 2
Fireside Singers, Lucy Rodgers, Lambert Bros., Sensational Williams Bros. and more

865        The Highway Q C's, Vol. 2 (1955-1960)
All the group's finest from the glory days

866        The Highway Q C's, Vol. 3 (1960-1962)
More of the finest in sweet harmony

867        Delta Rhythm Boys (1960) / Jubilee Four (1961)
The boys that jump and swing to Jubilee

868        Harmonizing Four, Vol. 5 (1958-1962)
All the remaining Chicago album cuts

869        Treasury of Gospel - Various Artists - Vol. 3
New Songbirds, Golden Keys, Flying Clouds of S.C., etc.

870        Treasury of Gospel - Various Artists - Vol. 4
El Dorados, Flying Clouds, Soul Searchers, Jimmy Jones Singers and more

871        Katie Bell Nubin (1960) / Four Eagles (1982) / Shaw Singers
Sister Tharpe's mother with The Dizzie Gillespie Band & others from Memphis

872        Treasury of Gospel - Various Artists - Vol. 5
Mari Jones, Cassietta George, Capitol City Stars, Skylights, etc.

873        Mahalia Jackson (1954-1968) / Kay Robinson (1967-1970)
The Queen and The Princess of Gospel

874        Treasury of Gospel - Various Artists - Vol. 6
Black Billy Sunday, Bro. John Sellers, Jubilee Hummingbirds and more

875        Gospel Vessel Collection
Old Ship of Zion and variations thereof plus the Titanic and others

876        The Bright Stars (1960-1985)
Classic recordings by this important quartet

877        The Trumpeteers, Vol. 4 (1947-1975)
Remaining great sides by this premier group

878        North Philadelphia Juniors (1958-1962) / Harrison Smith (1965)
Fine mixed quartet singing and good old songs and lining hymns

879        Treasury of Gospel - Various Artists - Vol. 7
Isaac Douglas, Willing Four, Marvin Anderson, Ziontones and more

880        Mighty Voices of Thunder / Stars of Faith / Famous Soul Stirrers & others
Others include Singing Sammy Lewis and The Southland Singers

881        Treasury of Gospel - Various Artists - Vol. 8
Invincible Songbirds, Space Spiritual Singers, Divine Travelers, Silvertone Singers and others

882        Rhonda Davis and Mattie Williams (1964) / Back Home Choir (1962) /
Florda Spiritualaires (1997) -- Great torch singers, a leading choir and a soulful quartet

883        Treasury of Gospel - Various Artists - Vol. 9
Echoes of Zion, Mable Henderson, Voices of Victory Choir & more

884        South African Gospel from the 1990s, Vol. 1
Rebecca Malope, Pure Gold, Amahlokoloko & others

885        Treasury of Gospel - Various Artists - Vol. 10
Marie Knight, Bro. Joshua & Earl Bostic, Gems, Little Richard & more

886        Talkin' & Singin' with Mahalia Jackson (1959) plus The Davis Sisters (1964, live)
Fascinating memories from Mahalia with great live singing from the gals

887        The Herman Stevens Singers (1962-1963)
Great tambourine-bashing gospel

888        Treasury of Gospel - Various Artists - Vol. 11
Singing Sons, Prof. J. Earle Hines, Rev. Rimson, Pilgrim Travelers & more

889        Swan Silvertones, Vol. 3 (1956-1964)
The group's most treasured recordings

890        Swan Silvertones, Vol. 4 (1959-1964)
More necessary material by this premier outfit

891        Swan Silvertones, Vol. 5 (1956-1966)
More got-to-have sides plus interview with Claude Jeter

892        Swan Silvertones, Vol. 6 (1959-1963)
More treasures for the completist

893        Mdm Edna Gallmon Cooke (1953-1966)
All of her best remembered charts

894        Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Vol. 3 (1963-1965)
Best from their final great years

895        Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Vol. 4 (1966-1970)
More from their final great period in time

896        Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Vol. 5 (1966-1973)
More great sides for the completist

897        Rev. Cleophus Robinson, Vol. 2 (1958-1969)
Best of his Houston sides

898        Golden Gate Quartet (1960-1985)
Stunning sides from French and German pressings

899        The Selah Jubilees & related groups (1947-1968)
Alden Bunn and the boys in perfect jubilee singing

900        Bessie Griffin, Vol. 2 (1947-1981)
An excellent overview of Griffin's glorious career

901        Songs of the Freedom Riders of Albany, Ga. / Doc. on the Albany Struggle (1962)
Rousing freedom songs plus stirring sermon by Rev. Ben Gay

902        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 12
Christland Singers, Soul Stirrers, Dixie Hummingbirds, Norfleet Bros.

903        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 13
Rising Stars, Bro. Joe May, Awakening Echoes, Harmonizing Four

904        Mahalia Jackson - Rare Sides in Speech & Song (1954-1970)
Songs and recollections with B. Gathoff & Studs Terkel

905        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 14
J. Earle Hines, Jimmy Witherspoon, Juanita Jackson, Young Gospel Singers

906        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 15
Lucy Smith, Thelma Carpenter, Diamond Jubilee Singers, Rev. J.C. Burnett

907         Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 16
Swindell Bros., Stars of Virginia, Cora Martin, Prof. Alex Bradford

908        Great Gospel Choirs
Gospel-Ayers, Young Peoples Choir of Newark, Thompson Community Singers

909        Bobby Dunn & The Sensationals / The Caravans
Bobby Dunn's great quartet from 1961 and more from one of Chicago's greatest groups (1968)

910        White Gospel Groups
The Couriers of Philadelphia, Sunshine Boys of W. Virginia, Christian Couriers of New Castle,         

911        The Robert Anderson Collection (1949-1963)
All the greatest hits of "The Voice," including "Let God Abide"

912        Billy Williams & The Charioteers
Great gospel-singing from this major quartet of the 1940s and 1950s

913        Bro. Willie Eason / Soul Stirrers / Bro. Henry Edwards
Lap steel master with and without quartet legends plus rare group album

914        The Hightower Brothers on Nashboro
The group that sounded like a junior version of the old Blind Boys of Mississippi

915        Davis Sisters / Prof. Harold Boggs
Tough female quartet plus early Boggs Specials Trio

916        The Allegro Gospel Collection
Extremely rare female-lead singing with mixed quartet

917        Gladys Hardy - Old & New
Seattle's leading soloist and gospel-soul diva

918        The Cotton Bros. / Rev. Cleophus Robinson & Sister
Revivalist quartet plus Rev. Cleophus singing duet with Sister Josephine James

919        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 17
Brothers of Harmony A-cappella Quartet / Mighty Clouds of Harmony, etc.

920        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 18
Elder Patterson, Womack Bros., Lula Reed and Delta Southernaires, etc.

921        The Dixie Hummingbirds, Vol. 6 (1939-1948)
The group's first jubilee sides

922        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 19
Landfordaires, Fairfield Four, Consolers, Rev. Dr. Pickett & more

923        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 20
Aretha Franklin / Zion Harmonizers / Singing Galatians / Orig. Soul Revivers, etc.

924        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 21
Jackson All Stars / & Quartet / Elder R. Wilson / New Orleans Chosen Five, etc.

925        The Little Johnny Jones Collection
Fabulous falsetto lead with The Soul Stirrers & Johnny Jones Singers

926        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 22
Elder R. Wilson / Blackwood Bros. / Lane Relations / Tyler Trio, etc.

927        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 23
Clara Ward Singers / Friendly Bros. / Meditation Singers / Edna McGriff, etc.

928        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 24
Eboneers / The Watkins-Bell Singers / Rev. Carl J. Anderson, etc.

929        Doris Akers Retrospective
Many of her early sides and with The Sky Pilot Choir

930        James Phelps & The Clefs of Calvary
22 gospel sides plus 5 secular solos

931        Three Great Quartets
Christianaires, Silver Echoes and Revelators in Jubilee tradition

932        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 25
Queen C. Anderson, Bessie Griffin, Emily Bram, Marie Knight and more

933        Four Great Gospel Organists
Nancy Harmon, Maceo Woods, Alfred Bolden & William Everett Preston

934        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 26
Lucy Smith, Carolina Kings of Harmony, Bailey Gospel Singers, etc.

935        The Martha Bass Retrospective (1966-1972)
Strong & impassioned singing from Fontella’s mother

936        The Albertina Walker Retrospective
Sides with The Caravans, Metro Mass Choir of Chicago, Pat Punch, etc.

937        Shirley Caesar, Vol. 2
Hits & misses with Claude Jeter, The Caesar Singers and solos, etc.

938        Rev. James Cleveland, Vol. 2
Winning sides with The Gospel Girls, Cleveland Singers, etc.

939        Rev. Isaac Douglas Retrospective
With The Douglas Singers, Charles Fold, 21st Century Singers, etc.

940        Singing Sammy Lewis Retrospective (1954-1970)
Early sides plus live in-church killers

941        The Princess Stewart Retrospective (1958-1963)
Strong sides with & without the Alex Bradford Singers

942        The Gospel According to Little Richard Penniman (1952-1959)
Amazing collection of gospel cuts from throughout his lengthy career

943        Songs of Freedom (1962-1964)
The C.O.R.E. Freedom Riders, Carolina Freedom Fighters, Freedom Sgrs of Atlanta

944        Slim & The Supreme Angels, Vol. 2 (1966-1971)
Slim’s excellent sides from his middle period

945        The Dixieaires & Related Groups (1944-1951)
First-rate close-knit Jubilee Quartet

946        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 27
Gospel Consolators, Rev. R. Smith, Dorothy Wilson, Gospel Ambassadors

947        The Brooklyn All Stars, Vol. 2
Outstanding tracks from their later period with more fine singing from Hardie Clifton & the group

948        The Pilgrim Jubilees, Vol. 3
Unreleased alternates and early sides

949         The Pilgrim Jubilees, Vol. 4
Powerful live material from Dunbar High and more

950        Rev. Willie Morganfield, Vol. 2 (1967-1975)
Well-rounded overview from various venues

951        Rev. Oris Mays Collection, Vol. 1
The preacher's best sides with & without the Bostonians

952        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 28
The tough Jordan Singers, Marion Gaines Singers, Golden West Quartet & more

953        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 29
Kansas City Gospel Singers, Gloria Spencer, Wingman Quartet & others

954        The Sensational Nightingales, Vol. 4 (1968-1974)
Beautiful harmonies, melodies & close singing

955        The Sensational Nightingales, Vol. 5 (1975-1978)
More soul-sounding gospels & anthems

956       Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 30
Sammy Bryant, Golden Gate Quartet, Rev. I.H. Gordon & The Orig. 5 Blind Boys of Miss.

957        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 31
Ethel Davenport, Rev. Herbert Brewster, Elder Charles Beck & others

958        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 32
Elite Jewels, Friendly Bros., Hightower Bros. & many others

959        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 33
Mid-South Singers, Rev. C.L. Franklin,  Johnny Jones & The Soul Stirrers & much more

960        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 34
Truetones, Haynes Gospel Singers, Joe Ligon, Jackie Verdell & more

961        The Sallie Martin Singers (1940-1963)
Beautiful cross-section of this ground-breaking group's career

962        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 35
Spirit of Harmony, Sylvia's Spiritualaires, Grace Gospel Singers, Houston Mass Choir & others

963        Prof. Alex Bradford & The Bradford Singers, Vol. 2 (1963-1972)
Bradford with The Brooklyn All Stars, LaVern Baker and The Chris Barber Jazz Band

964        Prof. Alex Bradford & The Abyssinian Baptist Church Choir of Newark, NJ.
Barnstorming choir music seldom bettered

965        Bishop J.O. Patterson & The Pentecostal Temple C.O.G.I.C. Choir of Memphis
Rousing live church from one of the South's leading preachers

966        Prof. Alex Bradford, Vol. 3 - Unissued songs & alternate takes (1954-1958)
Bradford in the studio during his glory days

967       Prof. Alex Bradford, Vol. 4 - Unissued songs & alternate takes (1954-1958)
More Bradford magic during studio sessions

968        Treasury of Gospel, Vol. 36
Bro. Will Hairston, Katie Bell Nubin (Rosetta Tharpe's mother), Sacred Four and Flying Clouds

969        Alfred Bolden (1967-1969)
Leading gospel organist

970        Gospel on Verve Records
Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Alice McClarity, Jimmy Smith,  Prof. Robert Banks & more

971        Gospel on Veep Records (1967-1969)
Jubilators, Swindell Bros., Robert Patterson Singers, Mighty Gospel Giants & more

972        Art Reynolds Singers / Bernard Upshaw Singers
Fervent gospel from Thelma Houston and the high-spirited Upshaw Singers

973        Willie Mae Ford Smith Collection (1950-1973)
The great duchess of gospel -- almost all of her early works

974        Gerald Sisters (1970-1971) / Daughters of Zion (1982)
Great, deep-soul gospel family & likewise from the South

975        Sensational Nightingales, Vol. 6 (1980-1983)
Soulful songs from biblical stories

976        Sensational Nightingales, Vol. 7 (1984-1989)
More soul-stirring gospel

977        Jubilaires Transcriptions / Releases (1944-1949)
Some rare, un-reissued sides made for promotion

978        Gerald Sisters / Wonderful Harmonizers
Great female hard singing & soulful samples from Texas

979        Gerald Sisters / Jubilators
More great traditional songs and almost a-cappella sides

980        Cleveland Colored Quartet (1947) / George Lewis Trio (1964) / Hopson Family (1974)
Mandolin-supported trad singing, Dixieland gospel & shout

981        Rev. Ruben W. Willingham Collection (1969-1981)
Hard preaching and testifying

982        Zion Harmonizers of New Orleans
Great shout quartet in the old-time way

983        Dixie Hummingbirds, Vol. 7 (1948-1973)
Broad retrospective of wonderful shout gospel

984        Roberta Martin Singers, Vol. 4 (1947-1962)
Essential early sides together with great live sides

985        The Violinaires of Detroit, Vol. 2 (1966-1970)
The absolute best and most dramatic performances

986        Clara Ward Singers (1963) / Crossroads Gospel Singers (1974)
Righteous full-blooded singing from Clara Ward and Johnny F. Zachery

987        The Stars of Faith, Vol. 3 (1969-1974)
More wonderful and exciting live concert and studio performances

988        Swan Silvertone Singers, Vol. 7 (1952-1965)
The best sides from the mid-Fifties

989        Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Vol. 6 (1952-1956)
Never-before heard outtakes and surprises

990        Mdm. Edna Gallmon Cooke, Vol. 3 (1950-1965)
More selections from her early recordings and with The New Singing Sons Quartet

991        Bro. Joe May, Vol. 2 (1950-1955)
Auditions and outtakes from his early sides

992        Thomas A. Dorsey Sings His Own songs
Introduced by Clayton L. Hannah with the Clayton Hannah Singers

993        Golden Gospel Singers of Atlanta / Stars of Faith of Washington, D.C.
A-cappella jubilee singing coupled with a sanctified female quartet

994        Parker Bros. (1961) / Supreme Angels (1986)
Old time spiritual singing from two leading quartets

995        Sensational Williams Bros. (1967-1989)
Good, soulful Mississippi quartet-singing

996        Chosen Gospel Singers (1952-1954) / Detroiters (1951-1952)
Outtakes and unedited versions of songs from the glory days

997        5 Singing Stars (1969-1970) / Rev. Cleophus Robinson (1965) & more
The addition of The Blind Boys of Ala & Cross Jordan Singers make this a winner

998       Rev. Claude Jeter (1966-1976)
The best of his first live solo sides

999        James Herndon & The James Herndon Singers
Hard-to-find sides by the man who sang and played with the Caravans


The following sermons & sermonettes can be made to order on receipt of payment. All recordings are
made from very good vinyl sources. Prices and mailing costs are the same as apply to the regular
Pewburner list (see website)

Additions will be made from time to time.


201        DR. W.T. BIGELOW – THE EDGE OF NIGHT (1974)


OF THE ROAD (date unknown)

207        DR. C.A.W. CLARK – THE WORMS GOT HIM (1963)

               YOUNG PEOPLE’S LIVES (1963)


210        REV. W. LEO DANIELS – HOW BIG IS YOUR GOD (1971)



213        REV. W. LEO DANIELS – A TIME TO LAUGH, VOL. 1 (1976)

223        REV. R.D. HOLLOWAY – PAUL’S LAST LETTER (1967)

BACK FROM THE DEAD (date unknown)

227        REV. C.L. MOORE – THE 23RD PSALM(S) (date unknown)

230        REV. CLEOPHUS ROBINSON – WOMAN TROUBLE (date unknown)



* Rev. C.L. Franklin’s sermons are excluded as most are easily available on CD elsewhere
Black Gospel from the Golden Era (1940s, 1950s and 1960s)