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Texas Gospel, Vols. 8 & 9 - "Pay Day" (1955-1960)
2-CD box set, 54 tracks  
                      LIMITED QUANTITIES!

This double set starts out with the final gospel singles issued on the Duke subsidiary with
the Ward Singers, Paramount Singers, etc. then takes us through the Peacock Gospel
singles catalog from "What a friend" by the Dixie Hummingbirds in early 1959 to "Sending
up my timber" by the Five Blind Boys of Miss (end of 1960) with singles featuring the
Brooklyn All Stars, Sister Barbara Jones, Gospelaires, Gospel Consolators, Sensational
Nightingales, Spirit of Memphis, Sunset Travelers, Pilgrim Jubilees. Mighty Clouds of Joy
and others along the way. The rest of the best. $18.98
Windy City Gospel, Volume 2: The Vee Jay Singles (1954-1959) – a selection
2-CD box set, 51 tracks  
                      LIMITED QUANTITIES!

Vee Jay Records was founded in 1954 and was one of Chicago’s first all-black owned,
independent record companies. Over the label’s 12-year existence Vivian and James
Bracken issued jazz, gospel, blues, R&B, doo-wop and pop music. This collection draws from
the Vee Jay gospel singles that have so far received the least attention as far as reissue is
concerned. We run the gamut from a soliloquy from the Magnificent Montague to shout-
gospel from the Kelly Brothers, Spiritualaires and Mighty Skylights. We have also included
three cuts from three major acts–a radio station version of the Swan Silvertones’ 1960 hit,
Oh Mary Don’t You Weep, recorded in 1958, the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi’s recording
of It’s A Wonder, only previously available on a single, and the Staples Singers’ original,
unissued version of Calling Me from 1955. Choirs include the Rev. James Lofton’s 250-
Voice Mass Choir and Helen Robinson’s Youth Choir of 1956. Other grossly underrated
groups like the Raymond Rasberry Singers, the Lockhart Singers, Silver Quintet, Holy
Gospel Singers, Kingdom Bound Singers and Four Internes are also featured. $18.98
Wings Over the City of Angels - A Los Angeles Gospel Collection
2-CD box set with 56 songs. Out of print
Windy City Gospel on South Cottage Grove, 1947-1959
2-CD box set with 52 songs. Out of print
Swingin' on the Golden Gate, Vol. 2: A Survey of Bay Area Gospel
2-CD box set with 53 songs. Out of print
Texas Gospel, Vols. 6-7: I Am Alpha And Omega
2-CD box set with 53 songs. Out of print
Texas Gospel, Vols. 3-5 -- Devil Can't Harm A Praying Man
3-CD box set with 85 tracks and 60-page booklet. Out of print
ACROBAT gospel CDs produced by Opal Louis Nations
Acclaimed vintage gospel reissue series from UK’s Acrobat Records. These collections
come with comprehensive liner notes by Opal Louis Nations and many rare and never-
before-seen photos.
MAHALIA JACKSON – The Forgotten Recordings   Limited quantities!
2-disk set with 36 songs believed to have been recorded by Mahalia in June/July 1961
and issued only in France (no recording dates were provided on the original albums.)
Includes such songs as “Blessed Quietness” written by Doris Akers. Mahalia is
completely at ease and fully confident on this number. A pared down recording of
“Somebody Bigger Than You and I” evokes the spirit of the Apollo recordings and is
probably one of the earliest recordings in the group. Tom Dorsey's “Hold Me” is done
at a faster pace than the 45 version and doesn't quite match the jazz/blues feel, but it
shows that, like her jazz counterpart, Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia never sang a song the
same way twice. She handles “Lord, Don't Move That Mountain” like the pro she is,
giving a nod here and there to Inez Andrews. Roberta Martin's “He Knows Just How
Much We Can Bear” is done in her usual dignity and respect for the gifted songwriter.
Mahalia's own standards are generously revisited here as well as some surprises. Some
truly amazing recordings. $17.98
THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF MISSISSIPPI: 1947-1954          3 copies left!
43 Tracks on Double CD Recorded Between 1945 and 1950 by the Legendary Blind
Boys of Mississippi. Most comprehensive overview of the group ever released. The lead
vocals are performed by the incomparable Archie Brownlee, whose vocal prowess was
an inspiration to scores of R&B and Soul singers who grew up listening to him. These
titles were recorded for America's premier gospel labels Peacock Records, and some of
the earlier tracks were recorded for the Coleman Label owned by the Coleman
Brothers. $17.98
THE SWAN SILVERTONES: 1946-1951   1 copy left!
This double CD collects all the earliest sides recorded by the fabulous Swan Silvertones
quartet. Led by amazing and talented tenor/falsetto Claude Jeter, the Swan Silvertones
are simply one of the best bands to have ever sung gospel, or put more succinctly, to have
ever sung, period. From originals to traditional hymns, this collection is fierce, fiery, and
brilliant throughout. No one matches Jeter's far-reaching voice. Songs like "I Done Made
It Up In My Mind" and "All Aboard" end just as it sounds like they're about to explode
in an ecstatic frenzy. That control, that ability to bring a song to its near dissolution then
back away, is in full effect on nearly every song here, with the exception of the slow
numbers such as "I'm Tired" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken." This is a very powerful
and much needed selection of this great group's 78 RPM recordings. $17.98
THE HARMONIZING FOUR: 1943-1954              3 copies left!
Two CD set containing 54 recordings from one of the greatest of Gospel quartets. The
Harmonizing Four began as an unaccompanied group but soon enlisted guitarist Lonnie
Smith father of Jazz-Funk legend Lonnie Liston Smith. Smith’s searing guitar work is
featured on most of the tracks. Although there have been several Harmonizing Four CDs
in the past, this is the first to present such a detailed overview of their early career
containing as it does all but a handful of all the commercial recordings they made
between 1943 and 1954. Fully illustrated 16 page booklet includes a detailed history of the
group. $17.98
SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS – Happy in the Service of the Lord              3 copies left!
2 CD set. This set presents 47 of their much sought after recordings produced between
1949 and 1953. Fantastic gospel music from the genres golden era of the late '40s and
early ‘50. There is no doubt the Spirit of Memphis were one of the leading and certainly
most influential church-wrecking quartets. Their forte was a solid "front line" of shared-
lead singers who blended a soothing, satisfying and sanctified approach. $17.98
THE BELLS OF JOY – 1951-1954                                3 copies left!
This album showcases Gospel music in the 40's and early 50's and features one of the
great quartets of them all, The Bells of Joy. The group enjoyed great standing on the
Gospel circuits of America but without the commercial success of some of their
contemporaries. Indeed it was not until 1980's and a reissue of this material in Japan
that they became acknowledged as one of the most exciting Gospel groups of all time.
The final eight tracks on the package have only previously been issued on vinyl release
in Japan. $14.98
THE FAIRFIELD FOUR – Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around       OUT OF PRINT!
A Gospel duo created in the early '20s by the pastor of Fairfield Baptist Church in
Nashville to occupy his sons, Harry and Rufus Carrethers. The group was transformed
into a jubilee quartet by the '30s and they began the first of numerous personnel
changes. During the 1940s, they were among the top-ranked Gospel quartets. They were
known for their reinterpretations of standard hymns, featuring bright, close baritone and
tenor harmonies. When the Fairfield Four sang, they utilized the full extent of their
voices, moving easily from deep, rolling bass lines to the staccato upper peaks of the
tenor range, all executed with precise, intricate harmonies and ever-shifting leads. $14.98
THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA – 1948-1951             3 copies left!
One of the most influential gospel acts of all time, The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama, have
been performing and recording now for almost 60 years. Today they are at the height of
their fame with world tours and best selling CDs as well as the support of rock stars such
as Peter Gabriel. This collection gathers together 28 tracks recorded from 1948-51, These
first recordings of the legendary gospel quintet feature the Five Blind Boys of Alabama
performing a variety of classics, including "What Manner of Man Is This," "What More
Can Jesus Do," and "Honey in the Rock," mostly a cappella or with minimal organ or
guitar accompaniment. Made at the start of a career that was to stretch well into the 21st
century, these early sides display a vitality and simple faith that still sounds emotionally
moving decades later. $14.98
This fascinating compilation fills in one of the most surprising gaps in gospel re-issues as
this seminal group of harmonizers based in New Jersey were a hugely important group
who until now had never made it onto CD. The 29 recordings here show them to be a
fascinating bridge between the disciplined harmony sound of old school jubilee singing
and the modern "hard" style of the '50s quartets. These recordings made for the group's
own Coleman Records plus sides they recorded for Decca, Manor and even a CBS radio
transcription demonstrate the group's winning ways with cool, doomy ballads and
syncopated finger-snappers. Dubbed from old and rare 78s. $14.98
DADDY GRACE - A Night With Daddy Grace (American Odeon, 2005) OUT OF PRINT
Daddy Grace and his "House Of Prayer For All People" was located on the famed
corner of 125th Street and 8th Avenue in N.Y.C on the 2nd floor. For those lucky
enough to have passed this intersection, they would have been blessed with hearing the
sounds blasting from this ancient building. There were no rules, no musical restrictions
and the invitation extended was for one and all to join in and become part of the
experience. These recordings were available in limited form during the mid-1950s. It
has been generally assumed that no more than 500-1,000 LPs were ever pressed and it
has been out-of-print, completely unavailable, since the late 1950s. Information
concerning the original label is nowhere to be found.
These recordings are full of rousing singing, piano, and handclaps, as well as heaps of
blazing horns. The closing "Jericho March" is over 11 minutes of glorious collective
honk. The CD booklet includes informative liner notes written by Opal Louis Nations
that detail the history of Daddy Grace and his church, along with several photos of a
Grace baptism service. $14.98
These are live recordings made at two Harlem, New York churches during
Christmas 1955 . Never released in the U.S., it is thought that very few LPs were
ever pressed and distributed in Europe. The music consists of call and response,
synchronized hand-clapping, cries of anguish and foot-stomping. The enthusiasm
displayed is unbelievably emotional, a superb live recording. $14.98
KING LOUIS H. NARCISSE: It's So Nice To Be Nice - Gospel Treasures 2001

Exciting collection of gospel singing featuring 22 tracks recorded between 1949 and
1962 by flamboyant and powerful Oakland singer, preacher, entrepreneur and self
professed faith healer. in keeping with his name he had a church "court" complete
with princesses, bishops, princes and missionaries! He was a powerful vocalist and
was usually accompanied by a small group (typically piano & organ with
now-and-again guitar and percussion) plus occasional congregations. His material
was mostly gospel standards along with a couple of originals including a musical
rendering of his motto "It's So Nice To Be Nice". One track features a vocal by
congregation member and future R&B singer Theola Kilgore. Sound quality is
superb and 16 page booklet by Opal Louis Nations gives us a detailed account of
Narcisse's fascinating life and music. $17.98