Opal Louis Nations
Opal Nations has worked in the music business for many years as producer of over a
hundred CD collections for various record companies and has been a collector of all
types of Post-War black music, but gospel music in particular, since he was a
teenager. He has made it his life's mission to bring African-American gospel music to
a wider audience by making gospel recordings available on Pewburner as well as on
other collections that he has produced.
Opal Nations' website:
For index of CDs produced by Opal, lists of music articles by him or about him,
photos, and much more:   
Liner Notes by Opal Nations to "Texas Gospel, Vols. 3-5 -- Devil Can't Harm A
Praying Man"  -- Peacock Records gospel singles, 1951-1958, with a history of
Peacock Records, many rare photographs, label shots, and detailed biographies of
such artists as:
* Sister Jessie Mae Renfro / * The Sensational Nightingales / * Rev. Cleophus
Robinson / * The Gospelaires of Dayton, Ohio / * The Dixie Hummingbirds

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Texas Gospel, Vols. 3-5 Liner Notes, Part 1  (14 megabytes)
Texas Gospel, Vols. 3-5 Liner Notes, Part 2  (12 megabytes)

Click here for PDF file without photos (1.8 megabytes)
Texas Gospel, Vols. 3-5 Liner Notes (no photos)
To see Opal's 38-page article with many rare photos -- "Swingin' On The Golden
Gate," A Survey of Blues, R&B, Jazz & Gospel Music on Independent Record
Labels in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945-1958,
" please click below:

"Swingin' On The Golden Gate" (PDF file with photographs--11 megabytes)
"Swingin' On The Golden Gate" (Microsoft Word file, 2 megabytes)